Buying A Korean BBQ Grill

Buying A Korean BBQ Grill – What You Need To Know

Author: Lewis Theakson

There are plenty of reasons to want a Korean BBQ grill sitting in the middle of your table. Enjoy the great sensory pleasure that comes from the spicy flavors, the combination of the smells, the texture of the food, and the great fun it is to create your own Korean food sensation. For a long time, it was quite dangerous to have this type of set up in your home.


The first thing you want to look at is in the actual usability of the BBQ grill. It isn’t going to do much good if the grill is going to be unsafe or frustrating to use. Having a grill in the middle of your table does require a few factors to think about.

Oil Drainage – Korean food is known for its spiciness, but also for the fact that it is low in fat. This is because all the grease and oils from the food drips away while it is cooking. If your BBQ grill does not have a place for the oil to be drained, you should pass it by.

Ease of Use – The BBQ grill should be just plain easy to use. Can you light the heat source easily? Is it just a hot plate that you set on a heat source? Can you access the food easily?

Easy to Clean – After you have had your dinner party you will want to clean up quickly so you can continue with your guests. If the BBQ grill is tough to clean or requires a lot of scrubbing it will not be worth using. When buying a Korean BBQ grill look for a finish that will easily wash off or is non-stick.


Most of the Korean BBQ grills on the market are stand alone plates that sit on top of some portable heat source. When buying one you must walk a fine line as far as weight in concerned. Too much weight will prove to be too heavy for the heat source once the food is on it. However, anything too light will mean the material is not sturdy enough for the heat of the flames. Choose a sturdy BBQ grill that feels durable. Also, anything that is too heavy will make cleaning, moving, and storing more difficult.

Today people are looking for home appliances that are both dependable and inexpensive. The same holds true for small table top BBQ grills. Spend some time looking for the best quality at the most affordable price.

Besides being usable, a reasonable weight, and affordable, the BBQ grill should also be safe. When shopping for the Korean BBQ grill, look for safety features like an easy to use cover that shields you from any grease, a trap to hold the hot grease so it doesn’t leak, and an easy way to move the grill after you have used it.

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