Fantastic Korean Recipes

KoreanFantastic Korean RecipesFantastic Korean Recipes

If you want to cook some fantastic Korean recipes then The Korean Table: From Barbecue to BibimbapKorean Table by Debra Samuels is the book for you. Even if you are a complete novice, this book is so easy to follow that you’ll soon be cooking Korean food like a native. Actually, the recipes have been slightly Westernised to include more readily available ingredients but one reviewer had lived in Korea for three years and found that the food resulting from the recipes were just like she’d found there.

Another reviewer said that the book helped her to find her way round her local Korean market in Los Angeles. If you aren’t lucky enough to live somewhere with a large Korean community and therefore don’t have the produce readily available, at the back of the book you’ll find some websites where you can order ingredients online, so there’s no excuse for not giving these fantastic Korean recipes a try.

After the origins of the book and an introduction to Korean cooking which gives a flavour of what to expect, you get to find out how to stock your Korean pantry.

Then comes the really useful bit entitled “The Basics, Your Starter Kit for Korean Cooking” which goes through the garnishes, pastes, sauces and stocks which are regularly used in a Korean kitchen. There are recipes for all of them which can be made in large quantities and will store for months but in case you don’t have time for a mass cook-in, there are recipes for smaller quantities too. All along there are handy tips and photographs to help you.

The recipes are too numerous to mention but include everyone’s Korean favourites! Here’s what some of the other reviewers on had to say.

Five Star ReviewAttractive, user friendly, and practical even for busy cooks
By Lynn Harnett

A sample meal might include Barbecued Ribs or Hot Wings or Whole Baked Fish (simply seasoned with Red Pepper Paste, made ahead and handy in the fridge) or Kimchi Hot Pot; Cucumber and Grilled Eggplant (pan-fried eggplant with raw cucumbers in a soy-scallion sauce), or Seasoned Bean Sprouts; Potato and Basil pancakes (also served with soy-scallion dipping sauce) or Kimchi Pancakes; Sticky Rice with Dried Fruit and Nuts, or Korean Fried Rice; and Garden Ripe Tomatoes Drizzled with Honey for dessert.

Organized by course, using ingredients found in the local grocery and accompanied by luscious photographs, these 100 recipes are easy and exotic, many taking only a few minutes to prepare. A user-friendly introduction to a lively cuisine.

Five Star Review  Great beginner’s Korean book
By A. Thomas

Got this book from library first and used it so much I decided to buy it. It’s rare that I want to make every recipe in a cook book, but that’s the case here. I wanted to learn about Korean food and, living in Los Angeles, I have access to a rich, authentic Korean community. I use this book to guide me in Korean markets. The recipes are easy to follow, they always work and they’re very tasty. For anyone who wants to expand their cooking repertoire to include this great cuisine, I recommend this book. (Also, compared it to others in the library and this was my favorite.)

Check out more reviews and pricing and get a sneak preview of the fantastic Korean recipes hereKorean Table.


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